5 Tips to Help You Proofread Your Essay Better

Unfortunately, many students end up handing in their essay right after they finish their final review. With just the proofreading they can improve upon their final grade. Students should get help from either an essay writing service, a peer, or do it themselves, but they never should submit their essay without proofreading, as the littlest of the mistakes can make a bad impression upon the reader. To the readers, it comes across like this: “if the writer wasn’t bothered to proofread the essay why should I be bothered to read it with full attention.”



The essay writers submit their essays early usually out of exhaustion as they want to get done with the essay task. Or it can be out of the exaggerated confidence that builds up with the familiarity of the essay writer with the essay text, where they can’t see the mistakes that at another time they would have caught. Are you searching for a legit essay writing service, if so than send demand at 5staressays.


You should be able to proofread your essay with little to no help from others. Here are the ten tips that will help you in your task:


  • Make sure that when you are done with your writing you take some time off and let your mind wander somewhere else. This will give you a fresh perspective on your writing the next time you go through it. The point is to let the familiarity fade away from your mind so that you can instead concentrate on what the sentences actually are instead of what they must sound like in your head. Essay writing involves a lot of rewriting, so many of the sentence ideas are imprinted in your head and make it hard for you to see the mistakes in your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Cheap essay writing serviceis accessible at 5staressays.


  • There are many tools that you can use to help you proofread your essays. Most of the word processors come with their own proofreading tools such as spell checkers. However, the software and tools have become strong over the years, and they allow you to catch mistakes of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These tools can further go and correct your style and structure. Software and tools such as Grammarly and The Hemingway Writer can correct most of the mistakes with their free versions. However, you can invest in the paid versions and save time and effort and correct your writing mistakes with ease. Our gathering writes incredible research paper topicsin reasonable expenses.


  • Make sure that you are well acquainted with the rules of grammar and the various use of punctuations. These rules of grammar and punctuation can be practiced and learned from various online writing centers. Though with reading and going trial and error you can improve upon your knowledge. An all in one guide for your writing can be found in writing books such as the all-time classic The Elements of Style by William Struck Jr. and E.B. White.


  • Concentrate on one word at a time. This means stepping off of your normal reading speed and method. Normally we use our peripheral vision to capture a group of words at a time, our eye is not accustomed to taking in information one word at a time.


You can force this upon yourself by reading the essay backward so that you can pick out the errors in your spelling. These can include the homophones that many spellcheckers fail to notice. For better words counter for essays check 5staressays.


  • Lastly, you should read the words aloud. This will let your hearing catch what your sight seemed to miss.


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